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Alaska and Aerial Killing of Wolves

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WoodMoor Village Zendo has the following remarks about La Sarah’s wolf-killing hobby, along with a chilling video.

I don’t know where other Buddhist bloggers stand on this issue, but it seems a clear one to me even without a disposition toward Buddhist ethics. It doesn’t seem to me that Alaska would be a place where such indiscriminate killing of wolves would be the least necessary to either control their population (an argument often made for other animals), or to protect human interests (property, livestock, etc.). Moreover, the methods used are cruel in the extreme:

WoodMoor Village Zendo: Alaska and Aerial Killing of Wolves

I stopped hunting many years ago, and it’s been a long time since I unnecessarily and knowingly killed any living thing with a face.  Even when I was into blood sports, however, I knew what every conservationist worth his Eddie Bauer vest knows today: predators are absolutely necessary to the chain of life, and it’s really rare for the predator/prey balance to be so disturbed that it is necessary to take out the guys at the top of the food chain.  On the rare occasions when that occurs, the predators usually starve and the prey survives in sufficient numbers to reproduce when conditions are right.

Except for humans.  We seem well on the way to doing a good job of offing ourselves, but it seems we’re also quite likely to take a lot of the rest of the planet with us.  Ah, well.  Maybe the cockroaches will do a better job.

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