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Buddhist author explores being mindful every day

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Stylistically weak (the writer badly needs to memorize Strunk & White) but generally informative.

Many readers of Buddhist theology and philosophy often want to know the answer to one question: What do I do to become a better person?

With Sharon Salzberg’s work, “A Heart as Wide as the World: Living with Mindfulness, Wisdom and Compassion,” her answer is simple: To become a better person, simply start acting like one.

One of the highest selling Buddhist authors in the United States, Salzberg’s popularity is due to the accessibility of her work. She writes about her entrance into the faith and her own struggles with some of its tenets with such ease, it brings a refreshing light to a belief system that often seems so serious and, occasionally, trendy.  Book review

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Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

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