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Sarah Palin Religious Background


The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has a collection of information about Gov. Palin’s religious background, apparent beliefs, and statements. In addition to the links on the front page, be sure to check the tabs at the top.

Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Religious Background

  1. I was alarmed about the zeal of the initial left blogger s attacks on the pregnant daughter, and even the insinuations that Palin’s last child might have been her daughters. I felt these were counterproductive and only energized the right and made some fence sitters uneasy. I just felt that the Pentecostalism in itself would produce thoughts and comments that would bite her in the …., and I was right, it was self evident, the Assembly of God is out of the mainstream and can’t help itself, it’s by nature extremist?

  2. My three big concerns about Sarah Palin are her inexperience, lack of knowledge, and interest in banning books. It disturbs me that so many Americans can support this person.

    It is embarrassing to admit that her religion bothers me. Fifty years ago, a number of good opportunities eluded me because I was Roman Catholic.

    Her religion has too many political dimensions, and Pentecostals have been known to let religion spill over into politics. Think of James Watt and John Ashcroft.

    Sarah seems to be both a dominionist and a dispensationalist. Should she replace John McCain as president, would she do anything to hasten the rapture and end times?

    Would she discipline a General William G. Boykin?

    Would she continue Bush’s pattern of aiding churches and letting them cross the line that should separate church and state?

    Would she continue to oppose stem cell research?

    Would her IRS fairly enforce the regulation regarding church involvement in politics?

    What would she do about gays in the Armed Forces?

    Would she clean up the Air Force Academy where there is now an effort to convert cadets to right-wing Christianity?

    Would she continue to protect conservative Christian missionaries in Iraq who have targeted Chaldean Christians and Kurds?

  3. Thank you for the links and the information, good work, good post!!!!

  4. ya know, everyone wants a piece of the action, hits on their space, ya know, a lot are not thinking about the real person, the mother, the woman as long as they get a click, a false headline gets a million cliks before a true headline gets a chance to stick its head out.

    i like your crib, you’re a good guy.

    I’m not altogether sure just what you’re trying to say, but thanks for the compliment. I think.

    Frankly, I don’t care about the real person, the mother, the woman.

    I care about the fact that if the Republicans win this election, an inexperienced vice president of questionable character will be standing in the wings in case a septuagenarian kicks the bucket. In this election, you have to ask yourself two questions: “Would I vote for this man as president,” and “Would I vote for this woman if she were running for president instead of VP?” In both cases, the answer has to be “No!” for people who care about the environment, peace, international cooperation and the other several things that are likely to make the world more habitable for our grandchildren.

    Because if we’re wrong, any harm done can be undone. If we’re right, and the right moves aren’t made, it will be too late to fix it.

    BTW: if I were in this for the hits, believe me I would have been out of it a long time ago.

  5. Yeah, thanks for the link. Quite the interesting blogroll you have. I’ll be back.

  6. Thanks for that link. I hope to put it to good use,

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