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Saudi Interfaith Openness All For Show?

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At an interfaith summit in Spain sponsored by his country, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia said, “the world’s religions should not fight, but unite to face common problems,” including crime, drug abuse, racism, and terrorism.  Only one Israeli was invited to the conference, however, and no Palestinians.

The idea may be laudable, but according to NPR’s Morning Edition, critics are saying that the entire conference is “only meant to make Saudi Arabia look good in the West.” While many are hailing the speech as a step toward religious harmony, some believe that the conference should have been held in Saudi Arabia to address the country’s climate of religious oppression.

Do you think there’s value in emphasizing common ground between religions? Or do you agree with Genevive Abdo, who writes that interfaith discussions are simply a distraction from the important and difficult questions surrounding religions and politics?  Discuss it here…

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One thought on “Saudi Interfaith Openness All For Show?

  1. If King Abdullah is being honest, I wonder if Saudi Arabia has changed its laws and is now allowing visitors to bring into the country non-Islamic holy books, such as bibles.

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