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Anglicans Meet for Lambeth Conference


BBC NEWS | UK | Lambeth Conference: Anglican voices

Homosexuality and the ordination of women bishops are two of the key issues dividing Anglicans as the communion gathers for the 10-yearly Lambeth Conference.

Here six Anglicans from across the world discuss the key topics facing the Church.

Author: Bill

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2 thoughts on “Anglicans Meet for Lambeth Conference

  1. This conference in part is meeting to discuss their unity or lack thereof on several matters…one of which is whether to continue down this beaten path of tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle. Apparently, what God has persistantly called evil men and their watered down traditions want to call such a thing good. I may disagree with their stance of acceptance but God detests such sin, always has, and HE always will. You see, regardless what the majority of you Anglican bishops pass amongst yourselves and your parishners, God and His absolute truth does not change for anybody. Question is, when are you people going to humble yourselves and submit to God and the Divine Authority of His Word? Thanks for your time.

    Tsk tsk. All that hate…

  2. I sincerely hope and earnestly pray that God will convict those to the heart who believe in a watered down acceptance of homosexuality as just an orientation to be tolerated. When people who are supposed to represent God and His Word take a lazy approach to the absolute standards God spells out, then you’re in serious trouble.
    Strange isn’t it, that many people who previously struggled with homosexuality have gotten the help they wanted to be rid of this ugly lifestyle that eata away at the very soul and conscience like a cancer. Regardless of your affliction, with the love and spiritual direction of those who’s lives are dramatically changed can and will assist you work through this mess we’re all afflicted with called sin. Thanks for taking this important moment to consider and hopefully be granted the desire to change.

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