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Turbo Turned On?

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Fellow WordPress bloggers who have slow connections need to go to the Dashboard and click the “Turbo” link in the upper right corner. Follow the directions and download Google Gears, then install it and continue with following the directions.

Gears, when combined with WordPress, downloads and stores substantial amounts of data from the servers on your hard drive. Access to the various blog pages, etc. is speeded up substantially. It’s even noticeable on my 6Mb DSL connection at home, and the sorry-ass dialup here at work now operates as if it had been — well — turbo-charged. The whole process takes about ten minutes, and then things will run slowly on a slow connection for a bit until Gears caches the up with the data.

Warning: do not install Gears on a shared or public computer.
A lot of the data from your blog will be stored on the hard drive. Keep the content of your blogs and comments in mind. The data won’t be accessed by Google (who provide the Gears applet) but will be available to anyone who has physical access to your machine.

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