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Biofuel use ‘increasing poverty’


BBC NEWS | Europe | Biofuel use ‘increasing poverty’

Oxfam says so-called green policies in developed countries are contributing to the world’s soaring food prices, which hit the poor hardest.

The group also says biofuels will do nothing to combat climate change.

Its report urges the EU to scrap a target of making 10% of all transport run on renewable resources by 2020.

Oxfam estimates the EU’s target could multiply carbon emissions 70-fold by 2020 by changing the use of land.

Author: Bill

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2 thoughts on “Biofuel use ‘increasing poverty’

  1. I truly agree with consciousness awakening part of the post.!Nice article.
    People rating poverty as poor from their hearts is the first step towards any revolution to be taking place..

    The Millennium Development goals of the this principle..!
    @ ayesha i m also a member of this community and glad to be a part of it .

  2. Poverty has become a major problem. Its bigger than what people perceive. Its the responsibility of every person to help the needy. I came across a community which is about The United Nations’ campaign to End Poverty by 2015. The campaign revolves around 8 major goals which, if accomplished, would ensure eradication of poverty.

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