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How Important Are Good Manners?


Explore the Johns Hopkins University Civility Project. Its purpose was to learn what influence these old conventions retained in modern society. What is the effect of politeness and respect in the work place, and in more tightly closed aggregations like the military and prisons? What are the consequences of their absence?

Johns Hopkins Civility Project makes peace person to person, then nation to nation |

Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “How Important Are Good Manners?

  1. Good manners are about making the other person as comfortable as possible. And, when someone makes you feel comfortable, it follows that you want to spend time in their company. It really is astounding that more people don’t grasp such a simple principle.

  2. “Acts of violence are often the result of an exchange of acts of rudeness that spiral out of control. Disrespect can lead to bloodshed. By keeping the levels of incivility down we keep the levels of violence down…. If we teach youngsters in all walks of life how to manage conflict with civility-based relational skills, we will have a less uncivil society, a less violent one.”

    That paragraph says quite a bit.

    Thanks, Bill, for turning me on to the Civility Project.

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