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Vista’s coming, so how should PC users handle it?

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Vista presents plenty of new technology options, and as many personal choices: Is it wise to install the beefy operating system on your current PC now, wait a few months, or bite the bullet and buy a shiny — and pricey — new PC loaded with Vista? As one of the most significant days in Microsoft’s history approaches, consumers have some important things to consider. Among them: …

I handled it by buying our new PC with Windows XP Pro.  It’s pretty much debugged, and will be supported for five years before becoming obsolete (XP Home gets the axe sometime in the next couple of months, unless Micro$oft relents).  I then downloaded OpenOffice, with AbiWord as a quickie (full-featured) text editor to replace WordPad, and to heck with M$’s new office suite.

By the time five years is up, there will be a Linux distribution that I can’t resist.  I’d have switched to Linux now, but I’m not entirely satisfied with the programs that allow you to run Windows applications, and I don’t want to give up several that I use frequently — such as Windows Live Writer, on which I’m writing this.

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Author: Bill

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