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10 Ways to Eat Well – November/December 2006 – Sierra Magazine – Sierra Club

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Sierra Magazine  10 Ways to Eat Well

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10 Ways to Eat Well
Mr. Green’s food commandments
by Bob Schildgen
November/December 2006

NOT TOO MANY YEARS AGO, natural and organic foods were smiled on as the quirks of cranks and hypochondriacs. Advertising exhorted Americans to rush their food from supermarket to belly with the least possible aggravation. Meals, whether from a just-add-water pouch or a drive-through, were meant to be convenient and fast. The slogan to promote throwaway beverage containers–“no deposit, no return”–summed it up. Not only was preparing fresh food too much hassle, but even taking an empty back to the store was also a burden to be lifted.

Today natural foods have become so mainstream that some of us former eccentrics are feeling uncomfortably normal. Millions of people now know how their diets affect the environment and their own health. There’s even a “slow food” movement to counter industrialized farming and assembly-line products. But translating that knowledge into practice isn’t easy. If you need help changing your eating habits, here are ten inexpensive ways to put those bold ideas on the dinner table.

Source: 10 Ways to Eat Well – November/December 2006 – Sierra Magazine – Sierra Club

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